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MSU Strength and Conditioning Clinic


Last Saturday, I attended the MSU Strength and Conditioning Clinic for the third straight year. The last two times I attended the clinic, I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the best strength and conditioning coaches (professional to high school level).

*Coach Mannie demonstrating how manual shoulder technique should be performed with Brian Lewerke(MSU starting QB).*

This year’s clinic showcased collegiate and high school strength and conditioning coaches. My two favorite presenters from the bunch were Bob Alejo (who is a director of sports science and works for Power Lift) and Coach Ken Mannie (who is the head strength and conditioning coach at Michigan State University). Bob’s presentation focused on the importance of strength training prior to power training in order to maximize full power potential.


*Power lift specializes in making the best weight room equipment and offers a wide range of equipment that can be utilized in any athletic performance facility.


*Coach Mannie explaining key points to his training philosophy.* 

Ken Mannie’s presentation covered several key concepts related to training and how these concepts are important for various training programs. From a strength standpoint, he covered the importance of including major muscle group exercises such as the squat, deadlift, and bench, along with other key notables such as the pull-up. Another point Coach Mannie covered was the importance of coaching the right cues for a particular exercise. For example, when on the bench, it is very important to retract your shoulder blades prior to starting the lift and then taking a big breath in as you lift off. Moreover, keeping your body tight as you bring the bar down to your sternum and then exhaling out as you drive the bar to the ceiling.


*Coach Mannie explaining the importance of proper cues for every exercise (specifically, bench press).*

By using good cues, you will be able to minimize/decrease the likelihood of getting injured while in the weight room.

*MSU football players about to demonstrate what a shoulder/rotator complex is*

From start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed my third year at the MSU Strength and Conditioning Clinic. I received a lot of helpful information and I look forward to utilizing and integrating my newfound knowledge into my client’s training programs, as well as my own.

As always, stay strong!