Medicine Ball Training

Using medicine balls as part of your training/training program is a great way to develop upper body/rotational strength and power. Not only is it great for individuals who play sports involving rotational type movements (i.e. tennis, golf, baseball, etc.) but also for individuals who are looking to take their abdominal training to the next level.

At many health clubs, I often see individuals performing abdominal strengthening/stability exercises. Based off the countless hours of research I have done, including literature written by Mike Boyle and Mark Verstegen, medicine ball training does a fantastic job of using traditional abdominal exercises to develop trunk power from a more functional approach (I.e. during activities of daily living).

The best time to implement medicine ball training into a workout is towards the beginning. The reason for this is due to the goal of performing this exercise, which is power development of the trunk. You are less fatigued at the start of a workout than later on, and thus, the effectiveness of the medicine ball training would be greater at the start.

A question that often comes up from my athletes/general population clients is, “What weight medicine ball should I use?”. Since the goal here is power development, stick with a lighter ball. Speed is critical when performing medicine ball exercises. With that being said, I like to pair a medicine ball exercise with a mobility exercise to ensure that you are physically ready/somewhat recovered prior to starting the next set.

As always, Lift-Nourish-Grow.