My name is Jintaro Mikami and I have been a fitness professional/strength coach for over eight years. I am currently working at Lifetime Athletic in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and only training clients at this location.

I received my degree from Michigan State University with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Health Promotion. During my time at MSU, I was involved with multiple organizations/clubs ranging from the triathlon club to being a teaching assistant for an Adaptive Sports Skills class led by George Harnick. I also interned for Justin Grinnell at State of Fitness in East Lansing, Michigan, where I learned a lot about what it takes to not only be a great fitness professional but also a great role model.

Growing up I played multiple sports but ultimately focused heavily on soccer and tennis. Strength training came into effect during my sophomore year in high school. From that point on I was fascinated with training and how far I could push the human body.

I started getting into a ton of endurance running races that ranged in distances of 5k’s to 100K’s during my time at MSU and a few years after I graduated. To this day, I periodically will run a half marathon or some other running race. However, for the last three years my main priority has been strength training and finding out how strong I can become. My training recently has been focused on competing in a powerlifting competition later this year. You can follow my road to competition on my YouTube channel.

I recently got married in the summer of 2016 to my wife, Kaitlynn. We live in Livonia, Michigan. During my free time I like to train, travel, go to the movies, read, and drink a cup of coffee. It is my goal to make sure I learn something new everyday.

My goal for this site is to help educate all who strive to learn and live a healthy life.