Acumobility Ball Review

* Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by Acumobility and their products. This is merely my honest review of the Acumobility ball.


Just recently, I stumbled across Acumobility products from a well-known strength coach, Eric Cressey. Furthermore, he spoke very highly of the Acumobility ball in his neck series (videos) which ultimately sparked my interest.

For as long as I can remember, I have always used lacrosse balls for my trigger point relief. The goal of using lacrosse balls was to address stubborn sore/adhesion ridden areas of the body. But the problem with using lacrosse balls was that……they move! I would find myself taking so much time just getting the ball in the right position, only for the ball to fall out of place if/when I moved my body ever so slightly.

So Frustrating!



Cue the Acumobility ball! After watching Eric Cressey’s videos, I knew that I needed to try out this product for myself. I have had the Acumobility ball for almost two weeks now and so far, it has been a real game changer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Acumobility balls, they consist of one round side (for relief), while the opposite side is flat (for stability). The Acumobility ball also comes in level 1 and 2 (the amount of pressure it equates to). By having these features, the Acumobility ball is the first ever trigger point product with one side being completely flat. What does this do you ask? It allows for complete control of the ball while said body part is receiving relief.



Personally, I tend to have the most soreness and tightness in my neck/trap area. When using a lacrosse ball, it is very difficult to alleviate any soreness or tightness in these regions due to the constant movement of the ball. However, with the Acumobility ball, locating and relieving soreness in my trap/neck has never been easier. The exceptional stability of the Acumobility ball allows for much better trigger point experience thus much more relief. This aspect of the acumobility ball is just one of several reasons why it is a must-have for recovery.


I usually use the Acumobility ball prior to my training as part of my warmup. However, I realized after the first week of using it, that it also works wonders during my training as well. Most notably in between my main working sets (30-50 seconds). On recovery days, I typically use it for 10 to 20 minutes, alternating between body parts that are in need of relief. Acumobility balls are easy to use and the “how to” can be found on their website right here at

Acumobility balls are intended for mobility purposes. It is the first mobility ball with a flat surface on one side, which makes it more stable and easier to use compared to any other mobility ball on the market. If you’re on the fence about whether or not the Acumobility ball is right for you, just know that it has been a real game changer for me and I intend on using it religiously here on out!


As always,

Stay Strong!