Jin is not only a great trainer but also a great person. I have grown so much as an athlete ever since I started training with Jin. He helped me progress physically in terms of strength, speed, flexibility, and agility. But, he has also helped me mentally and has given me a plan to achieve the best results. I can tell Jin cares about each and everyone of his clients on a personal level. As he is teaching me about working out, he makes sure I stay safe and do nothing that might hurt me or hinder my growth. Knowing his busy schedule, he went way out of his way to attend one of my games to show support and give me feedback. If I have any questions, he always gives me great answers which bring me closer to achieving my goals.


Having trained with Jin for quite a few months now, I can tell that he is someone who just loves his job. He is always energetic and willing to help me as I train. Jin is also a great person to be around. He has a great personality and is a great person to talk to, whether it be during the workout about a hobby we both share, or any time outside our workouts about nutrition and what I am eating. I love training with Jin and look forward to it every week.

I have been training with Jin for over a year. He takes the time to understand my fitness goals and develops a plan to best help me meet those goals. Every workout has a purpose. As a result of Jin’s knowledge, guidance, planning and encouragement, I was able to achieve my ultimate goal of completing a 50km trail run. Aside from being a great trainer, Jin is a kind and genuine person and a pleasure to be around.

Jin has had a profound impact on my level of fitness and quality of life. His workouts are always concerned with safety and focus on a healthy mixture of strength, cardio and flexibility. This Wolverine is a huge fan of this Spartan.

Jin has always been an exceptional person & that is what drives him as our personal trainer. My husband & I met Jin the day we joined lifetime athletic club. We are middle aged & want to stay in strong condition, however, we do not want to deal w/ unnecessary injuries. In the 2 plus years we have been working w/ Jin we’ve increased our strength, my husband has lost a significant amount of weight ,we are remaining healthy, & enjoy being active older adults. We realize Life Time is a beautifully clean, well equipped & cutting edge fitness facility. The honest truth is Jin is a huge part of why we continue our membership here. Jin is honest, hard working, prompt, he cares about serving our fitness needs & goes above & beyond expectation. Jin is a man of integrity. We feel blessed to have him in our lives.

I met Jin as one of a few personal trainers I have had the pleasure of training me to exercise properly and beneficially as a member of Life Time Gym. I find Life Time Gym exceptional and that adjective also applies to Jin’s work as a personal trainer at that gym as well. Jin is highly conscientious in his work. He took the time to get to know me as an individual gym member with unique health goals and I can say without a doubt he is helping me reach those goals. I find myself healthier and happier due to my improving physical condition. And I owe that in large part to Jin work with me and my application of that knowledge at Lifetime Gym.

I have been training with Jin since the Bloomfield Lifetime first opened. Jin’s superb training techniques which focus on an assessment of your fitness level, your goals and safety have made me feel like a new person on a number of different levels. When I first started with Jin, my knees and back were constantly stiff and often just plain hurting. Jin knew this is one area I really wanted to focus on and I can say now I’m virtually pain free!! No more getting out of the car and feeling like I could barely walk. And when I do feel twinges, I know the appropriate stretches to do to prevent any worsening. Who knew that the foam roller is magic!! More than all of this, I simply enjoy my time with Jin so much – our sessions always fly by. He is a wonderful and inspiring human being.

I have been training with Jin for over a year now. Jin is honest, caring, intelligent, and puts safety first. In the past year, I’ve managed to lose 50lbs through disciplined workout routines and proper nutrition. I’ve also experienced significant positive life changing events over the past last year and I truly believe working with Jin is a major contributing component. Jin is an exceptional individual and every time I train with him, it is an exceptional experience. I highly recommend meeting and training with Jin.

About two months ago I felt I needed to make some changes in my eating habits and level of fitness. I decided that I needed the help of a nutrition coach, as well as some moral support to help me though these changes. I am fortunate to work with Jin Mikami who is very knowledgeably and patiently helped me determine and achieve my goals toward a healthier lifestyle. We decided that enrolling in Precision Nutrition ProCoach would benefit me (Jin serves as my nutritional coach). Weekly, we meet to see my progress and discuss and answer any questions I have. He answers any emails I send regarding both my nutrition and exercise program. I am thrilled to say that with Jin’s support and suggestions I have learned to eat healthfully, am not craving the sweets upon which for years I overindulged, and am having great success losing those unwanted pounds. I cannot thank Jin enough for all his advice and expertise.


What separates Jintaro from other fitness professionals is his emphasis on science, and this manifests in results. Through an understanding of physiology, he creates a tailored regimen that not only provides results but is also optimal based on one’s own physiology. Perhaps, most importantly this is done in an incremental manner and with an emphasis on proper form, ensuring safety.