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Massage-(What, When, and Why)

*Please consult with a medical professional prior to starting any new therapy techniques.   In this day and age, there are so many different kinds of recovery techniques out there. Some of these recovery techniques include massage, acupuncture, cupping, cryotherapy and so many others. With all these techniques out there, it can become quite overwhelming for the average gym goer […]

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Acumobility Ball Review

* Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by Acumobility and their products. This is merely my honest review of the Acumobility ball.   Just recently, I stumbled across Acumobility products from a well-known strength coach, Eric Cressey. Furthermore, he spoke very highly of the Acumobility ball in his neck series (videos) which ultimately sparked my interest. For as long as I […]

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Motivation (and how to keep it)

One of the key components to continued success is MOTIVATION. Motivation, whether it’s getting motivated to begin an exercise program or continued motivation day in and day out to progress in your fitness goals (training and nutrition) is crucial. My goal for this article is to help by giving you my tips on motivation and how to keep it. Understand […]

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