Jintaro Skydiving


We all experience fear during our life. Often times it’s associated with certain endeavors that seem crazy to the masses. Specifically, the fear I’m speaking of is the build up to that something that you’re uncomfortable doing.

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My brother and I punched fear right in the face a few days ago when we went skydiving together.

I learned that on the other side of fear is reward and gratitude. I realized that much of the fears I have experienced throughout my life was time being wasted thinking about what I was about to do. Skydiving was something I wanted to do for a long time to combat my fear.

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This is what 14,000 ft looks like

I knew that if I could do it then I could get over anything. When the instructor opened the door to the plane I told myself it was either now or never. Once my feet were on the edge, I didn’t think about anything else but jumping out. I took one big inhale and as I exhaled we (tandem instructor and I) jumped!

Fear is not a bad thing. I believe that if fear is present in your life and you’re tackling those fears then you’re truly living.

On another note, skydiving was such a blissful experience that I will definitely try again in the future. 😎🤙

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Joy on my face. I did it! 

Until next time. LIFT-NOURISH-GROW